Alan Wade & Cindy Preston

Alan and Cindy have over 30 years of experience working in the addictions/mental health field and are Hypnotherapists, MER®, NLP Master Practitioners, Coaches and Consultants.

They are International Best Selling Authors and speak on various social media outlets and stages.

The Full Breakthrough Session

Imagine what your life would be like if you realized that you are much more powerful than you have been taught and you unlocked your potential? Use the power of your unconscious mind to instantly remove limiting beliefs, and negative emotions. The unconscious mind is the key to releasing your true potential. This powerful, life altering, technique frees you from past baggage in an area of your life. Topics such as, health, relationships, career, which includes (financial), and spirituality.

Freedom Session

What is preventing you from becoming the best version of yourself? Are you experiencing feelings, behaviours, limiting beliefs, or triggers that you have not been able to release? The Freedom Session is a mini breakthrough that has a huge impact on the life area you chose to transform.

Emotional Mastery

Are you having difficulty maintaining healthy relationships due to emotional outbursts? Do you find it challenging to maintain your feelings of anger, sadness, fear, and frustration? Emotional regulation is an essential skill that can improve relationships in career, partners, family, and friends. If you cannot regulate your emotions, your life will become very frustrating and stressful. We provide a six-month intensive program that will help you release past trapped emotions, teach effective communication and DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) based skills to improve the relationships in your life. When you change, your life will change!


MER® (Mental Emotional Release) offers the ability for individuals to release negative emotions/beliefs associated to past events. MER® has the ability to give tremendous relief from symptoms in the very first session.


Utilize the amazing power of your unconscious mind with Hypnosis. With this product you will receive an individual hypnosis session and a copy of a self hypnosis mp3 in the area you are working on. Give yourself the gift of hypnosis and break free of the negative patterns controlling your life.

Stress Management

Is stress keeping you up at night? Is your health suffering because you are under constant stress? We can help you with this affordable month-long program to improve your ability to manage daily frustrations, incorporate new empowering techniques, and improve your life. This program offers you four weekly, 30-minute coaching sessions along with a free e-book, hypnosis, and stress release strategies.

Mindset and Transformation Monthly Coaching

Are you tired of being in a prison of your own making? When you purchase the Mindset and Transformation Monthly Coaching package you will gain access to the keys that unlock your inner prison of thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Each package is individualized to you. No one size fits all here. We customize the packages to your needs.

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