Alan and Cindy are Empowering Lives!

Four-time, Award Winning, and International Best-Selling Authors, Guinness World Record Holders, Certified Master Practitioners of NLP, MERĀ®, Hypnosis, and Reiki Masters.

Alan and Cindy bring thirty years of combined experience working in the Addiction and Mental Health Field to the Magic Within Coaching Programs.

The Magic Within Coaching and Consulting Company

They use the power of your unconscious mind to release limiting beliefs and past emotional baggage that has kept you from achieving your goals and reaching your ultimate lifestyle and full potential.

The unconscious mind holds the key to unlocking your true inner power. They use proven, cutting-edge techniques, and revolutionary, integrative coaching to unleash your best possible self.

They work with highly motivated individuals and entrepreneurs who seek the next level of performance in finances, career, relationships, physical/emotional wellbeing.

Speaking and Events

Alan and Cindy spoke on a virtual stage event with Jack Canfied. They deliver workshops, seminars, and speaking engagements to inspire and educate personal wellbeing and success.

Books and Opportunities

The TMW book series was established as a place where individuals can share their amazing stories with the world to inspire other people.

If being an author is something that you have aspired to do in your life then reach out and make your dream come true.

Book a free consultation for coaching, becoming and author, or hire them to speak at your next event.

Cindy Preston & Alan Wade

30 Years Combined Experience


Alan Wade

Cindy Preston